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Budgies Kissing

Two yellow budgies kissing each other. Jasmine and Eggie (lighter Yellow) and Kai in the background. These are sisters from different clutches.

Budgies Bathing and Eating Greens

The budgies are eating kale and dadenlion greens. Some of the birds decided to have a bath as well. They love dandelion greens.

Budgies Fighting over a Dandelion Leaf

All the budgies get lots of greens, but in this instance they started a little fight over a dandelion leaf.

The fight was not serious at all. When budgies do fight it is usually when they are trying to get a mate or fighting over a nestbox – these type of fights are very serious and should be avoided at all cost.

Budgies Eating Carrot

Budgies love carrots once you get them use to it. There are four young budgies in this video that do a lot of flying around. Eventually they will learn from the older budgies to enjoy carrots as well.

Budgies Having a Bedtime Snack

These budgies are all hand fed. The younger birds are 5 to 7 weeks old. The white one with blue on the bottom is 12 years old.